The Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) was released in 2017. It features a 5.5-inch Color display with 256GB of storage. Its MSRP is $949 and its dimensions are 6.24 x 3.07 x 0.30 inches. This smartphone is perfect for those who love to browse the Internet and take notes. You can find a variety of deals on this phone by visiting the Apple official website. If you’re planning to buy one, here are a few tips to help you choose the best model.
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)

The price of Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) is currently at Rs41,999. You can find a better deal by comparing both models using Smartprix. This comparison tool helps you to make a better choice, as the phone is smaller than the other model. Smartprix is a website that allows you to compare prices and features of products. The Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) is available at the lowest price on Smartprix.

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus boasts an all-glass design, a powerful A11 Bionic chip, a 7-megapixel front-facing camera, and extensive storage space. It also features a color-matched aerospace-grade aluminum band. The phone is available in silver, gold, and space grey finishes. While you can choose the one that suits your needs best, don’t forget to check the available storage space before making a decision.

The iPhone 8 Plus comes with dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and an intelligent image processor, making it easier to capture moving targets. Its video recording quality is top-notch and has more frames per second. Powered by Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip, the iPhone 8 Plus is up to 70% faster than its predecessors. The A11 Bionic chip also supports enhanced 3D graphics and augmented reality applications. It will stay compatible with iOS 11 until 2020.
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (512GB)

The new Apple iPhone XS (512GB) is larger than the Apple iPhone 8 Plus (128GB). If you’re looking for a large storage capacity, this phone is probably the best choice. Both models have a lot of storage space, with the 512GB model offering more internal memory than the smaller, 256GB model. They both also have a Memory Card Slot, as well as the same 12 MP + 12-MP Dual Rear Camera and 7 MP Front Camera. Both smartphones run on the same iOS operating system, and are powered by a powerful battery and processor.

The new iPhones are expected to have three internal storage capacities: a base 64GB, a middle 256GB, and a top model with 512GB of space. They will all have 3GB of RAM, with a new version of Apple’s A11 chip. The 512GB model is also the largest of all. All three models will be available in two color schemes: black and white.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a bigger screen, more RAM, and a secondary telephoto camera on the rear. It uses the same A11 Bionic processor as the iPhone X and is capable of utilising all six cores simultaneously. It also has support for True Tone. The iPhone 8 Plus is available in Space Grey, Silver, and Gold. Regardless of the colour, both iPhones have great specs.

The newest models of the iPhone 8 series also have a glass back for wireless charging. The iPhones also maintain IP67 ratings. The phone’s large battery means it can last all day. If you’re looking for a larger battery, this phone is a great option. A 512GB model is more than enough. The battery on the iPhone 8 Plus is more than enough to keep you happy all day.

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